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At Warrior Business Services we provide high quality advice and planning to our clientele. We focus on family owned businesses and their owners. We are NOT your typical once-a-year-accountant. Here we’ll discuss a little about what makes our CPA firm different than most.

Business Success is Planned

If you want to be successful in business you need experienced advisors to guide you through the varying terrain which business can bring. Our clients report that we excel at helping them achieve their goals by minimizing tax burden through strategic planning and profit improvement consulting. We believe routine maintenance combined with periodic but intentional strategy sessions and management advisory meetings should be part of your overall professional service package built on a solid foundation of:

  • bookkeeping support and accounting services
  • broad array of backoffice services
  • strategy-based tax planning
  • business income tax return preparation
  • business owner income tax return preparation
  • professional payroll services


The Warrior Business Services main office is located downtown in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our location is chosen in part to provide our clients with greater convenience and face-to-face service.

Sometimes saving money costs you

A common but fatal mistake novice business owners make is going the “QuickBooks do-it-yourself method” without professional advice. Instead we work with many business owners in getting control of their business through year-round maintenance and consultation. We work with you to carefully evaluate the situation and then utilize proven techniques to reduce a family or company tax burden; however, many of the steps must be taken throughout the year.

If you have a great product or service let’s meet

It is the mission of Warrior Business Services “to provide value to our clients by helping them make an informed decision through timely and competent professional advice.” Warrior Business Services is selective, but let’s meet as soon as possible to see if you might be a fit. For more information or to make an appointment today please contact us on our new client line 260-459-9998 or submit our contact page form.

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